EZ battery Reconditioning
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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning

Most of us use batteries in our day-to-day life in different ways for example electronic devices, cell phones, and cars

When they stop working, we have to spend a lot in replacing them which is an additional expense for most of us.

We can avoid such expenses if we know how to recondition lead-acid batteries found in cars, as we all know these can be $100 or more to replace them

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a lead-acid battery reconditioning guide that can help you extend the life of your batteries.



EZ Battery Reconditioning is a downloadable book that provides you with information about the ways to recondition nearly 10 types of batteries even if your knowledge about electronic devices is limited.

Types of Batteries  That you Can Recondition

  • Car Batteries
  • Other Types Of Lead-Acid Batteries (i.e. Deep cycle, marine, golf cart, solar batteries, etc.)
  • Power tool and drill batteries

The main goal of this book is to save you lots of money annually just by extending the lifespan of your batteries.

Also, it helps the environment by not having to dispose of all your old batteries.




The idea of writing EZ Battery Reconditioning came into the mind of two men, Frank Thomson and Tom Ericson.

They created this program after recognizing that a lot of money can be saved while learning the ways to recondition batteries.

In this way, they created this product on the basis of their personal experience and knowledge. They wanted to share the methods of reconditioning batteries they have invented and for that reason, EZ Battery Reconditioning was created by them.


Who Can Use EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning has been designed for the benefit of everyone who uses lead-acid batteries. The method of reconditioning batteries has been described in simple language in this book so that everyone can understand and follow it easily.

This product is also designed for people with a limited budget as well as those who want to save money, regardless of their budget, by reconditioning the batteries you use.

However, one thing that makes this product more valuable you need not know much about batteries while reconditioning them by using this process.

Even beginners can improve the state of their batteries as everything has been described in detail.


Working off This Book

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review
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The working of EZ Battery Reconditioning includes a step-by-step process to overhaul your batteries so that you can understand it easily.



Step one: The battery to be reconditioned has to be removed from the electronic device or car etc. While removing the battery you should disconnect all power cables or wires connected to the battery and wear goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from the acid of the battery.

Step two: You have to make your battery dirt-free by using an abrasive brush or steel wool. This will remove the build-ups and the residuals on the battery during its regular use. The process of cleaning the battery has been explained in detail.

Step three: Check the status of the battery by using a multimeter and a hydrometer to know whether it can be reconditioned or not, as damaged batteries cannot be reconditioned. The purpose of using both of these tools has been explained.

Step four: Start the method of reconditioning of your battery, if its overall condition is good. You will have to get rid of sulfation from the battery cells by following the methods provided.

  • Equalization method: Sulfation built up in the cells due to the reaction of sulfuric acid with lead has to be removed by using the equalization method. The method of equalization has been described in detail in this book.
  • Adding chemical additive: A chemical additive can also be used to remove sulfation from battery cells. The method of adding chemicals and the frequency to use the tool to eliminate sulfation for reconditioning the battery has been explained in this book.

You will have to take proper safety precautions while using any of these methods to remove sulfation from battery cells. This book also explains the safety measures to be taken for this purpose.

It has been proved through various studies that sulfation is one of the main causes of failure of lead-acid batteries and some chemical additives can help in extending their life. So, the methods of reconditioning lead-acid batteries provided in this book can be relied upon and lots of money can be saved.

Things you get with EZ Battery Reconditioning

When you buy EZ Battery Reconditioning, You will be able to start reading the book after downloading it to your device as it comes in PDF format.

You will also receive lifetime updates, which will keep you updated with the latest techniques

Moreover, you will also get three bonus items with your purchase:

  • How to Start a Battery Business at Home: This is a guide to help you in starting your own business of reconditioning batteries. It provides you complete information to make your business successful
  • Double the Life of Your Batteries: This bonus book includes tips and tricks to double the battery life even before reconditioning it
  • Access to Lifetime updates and member’s area: After buying EZ Battery Reconditioning you also get access to the member’s area.


Cost of EZ Battery Reconditioning

The cost of buying EZ Battery Reconditioning is only $47. Once you have paid for the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide you will be sent the download details of the main product and the bonuses.

You will also be given access to the member’s area where you will be able to keep update with any new announcements and product updates.

Frank Thomson and Tom Ericson also offer a money-back guarantee for 60days.


Benefits and drawbacks


  • The use of detailed diagrams and plain language makes it easy to follow
  • Good for your pocket and environment
  • Help with starting your own battery reconditioning business
  • Can be downloaded instantly without any wait


  • Need basic tools to use techniques discussed in EZ Battery Reconditioning
  • Safety measures have to be adopted to avoid risk in handling batteries
  • Results are not guaranteed
  • Not all batteries can be reconditioned



After going through the EZ Battery Reconditioning book, we were very impressed with the information that Frank Thomson and Tom Ericson have provided.

Though there are certain drawbacks with reconditioning batteries as mentioned above, they can be avoided by using battery reconditioning methods discussed in this book.

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