Five Best Cats To Keep At Home

Ever wonder why you like certain people more than others. Some people make you feel special when they are around, like there is some natural connection. The same applies to your pet cats.

A cat and human relationship can last for up to 20 years. Therefore, the cat you bring home must have the same personality traits as you, allowing you to develop an everlasting bond with your cat for a healthier relationship.

Five Best Cats To Keep At Home
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Cats Are Different

Cats have different personalities. Some tend to be friendlier, while some like to stay aloof. If there is a prominent personality gap between you two, the relationship will likely be stressful. It might not affect you as much but will significantly impact cats’ life (it might become ill or run away).

Read This Before Buying A Cat

Before buying a cat, you must analyze your personality and routine. To help you find the most suitable cat for you, you must first consider the following points.

  • your character (are you friendly or a bit reserved)
  • your preference to live in an apartment or a house?
  • the time your cat will spend alone
  • the time you can spend playing with your cat

I’ve listed five famous cat breeds as recognized by CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association), which can help you decide which cat breed you want to bring home.

5 Best Breeds For Indoor Cats


If you are looking for a playful and energetic cat that loves staying indoors, you must go for the Sphynx cat. These cats love to cuddle up in their owners’ lap. Personality-wise these cats are relaxed, super loving, controlled, and intelligent that do not burden their owners.

Another advantage these cats have is that they are hairless, so you do not have to worry about cat hair issues. These cats are not outdoor cats and somewhat require special attention since they are skinless. Ideal for those who want a noiseless, cozy, yet loving cat.

Ragdoll Cats

These cats are some of the best cats to have around. These cats are super friendly and tend to respond very well to their homeowners. Due to higher sociability, these cats are often regarded as ‘puppy cats.’ Personality-wise these cats are easy to maintain and highly hygienic.

With striking long hair, these cats are every pet owner’s dream cat. If you want to have a cat that plays around great, greets you at the door, or likes spending time with its owners, you must go for Ragdoll Cats.

Abyssinian Cats

If you are looking for a loyal and royal cat, you must go for the Abyssinians. These cats are super energetic and curious cats that will entertain you with their playfulness. Personality-wise these cats are lively and super loving; however, it isn’t easy to put them onto your lap.

With a super sleek slender body, these cats are a have close resemblance with Egyptian Cats. These cats will undoubtedly keep you entertained with their rather espionage attributes.

Scottish Fold Cats

Super cute, funny, and sensitive, these cats are unique in their appearance as they have a natural gene mutation. Furthermore, these cats have a soft voice and soothing meows that are not heard from other cat breeds. In addition, these cats are highly playful and like to keep themselves busy. It’s also been found that these cats generally become attached to one of the family members and seek attention from them. Ideal for those who desire a sweet, tiny cat that will always wait for them.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

These cats can be regarded as the most popular cat by cat lovers. These cats closely resemble Persian Cats, except that they have thick and short coats. If you think cats are aloof, you probably have not seen these. These lively and striking creatures can be considered the friendliest cats in the cat family. You’ll adore them when these little angels follow you as a child does.

Pick The Right Cat For Your Home

Cats are adorable. But picking the right breed for you is a bonus. The resonance between you and your cat will make for an everlasting and warm, genuine relationship in every aspect.

I’ve noticed a couple of things over the years with my short-haired domestic cat: he has become friendlier, likes more attention, and spends more time at home.

When he was younger, he was not much of a lap cat and liked to be out exploring all the time; as a result, he would go missing for weeks.

As cats get older, their personalities can change like humans, and we’re not the same as when we were children.

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