Cut Carbs for Weight Loss
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How to Cut Carbs for Weight Loss

Where to start when it comes to cutting carbs from your diet? The suggestions below should offer a general knowledge of where to start:

  • No more high-sugared beverages (soda, juice that contains high amounts of sugar)
  • Cut-out the potatoes and bread (at least cut your intake in half, and see if you can eventually go without bread and potatoes for a while)
  • Dairy is known to loaded with carbs, try limiting or substituting with almond-based milk or flour
  • Add more protein as you cut out carbs
  • Check the label on any food to see the carbohydrate ratio and serving size
  • Pasta
  • Sports drinks/Energy drinks
  • No packaged snacks (check the packaging to see how much sugar is involved)
  • Processed food
  • Check the label on any frozen fruit available in the freezer section, sometimes they are packaged with excess sugar
  • Syrup/Jams
  • Check the label on any canned fruit as well
  • Overly sugary cereals (we tend to forget about this one)


Cutting out carbs is all about reading the fine print. Read the food labels and you’ll notice what packaged foods will contain multiple grams of sugar.

Why sugar? Sugar turns into carbs, which can pack on the pounds. By cutting out any food that contains 40+ grams of sugar (usually junk food and overly processed preservatives).

Caffeine and sugar are one of the hardest categories to cut from our diet. Yet, this combination makes up for most of our sugar digestion.

Finding a substitute like tea for the subtle caffeine fix can be a great way to start giving up soda. We suggest Matcha Green Tea.

Don’t cut out all grains because our bodies need the fiber content. Instead, look to carb alternatives.


Why Does Cutting Carbs Cause Weight Loss?

Did you know that too much carb intake can cause water gain? This is because your kidneys don’t know how to ration out the carbs versus your insulin levels.

When too many carbs are ingested, those carbs that are not used as energy will turn into stored fat. This particularly happens in the winter months where we gain winter weight.

Our body craves more dense food, so we eat heavier carbs. This primitive act is our brain responding to the need to stay warm.

When you jump start your body to utilize the fat storage cells, your insulin levels will decrease. Thus, allowing the body to burn the left-over fat and can turn it into muscle-building components.

Low-card dieting is when our bodies take any stored fat and start to turn it into energy. By using the excess fat this is when we notice the shedding of pounds.


Sugar and Sugar Cubes
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What Can I Eat if I Cut Out Carbs?

Have an outline of how many carbs you can have per day, this will act as a starting point. From there you can see what type of foods you can more of than not.

Foods to add:

  • Stemmed/Raw Vegetables (lots of veggies)
  • High fats (specific types of cheese, avocados, even dark chocolate above 70% cacao)
  • Chia seeds
  • Non-gluten (bread and grains)
  • Alternative cooking flour (coconut, almond, rice)
  • Protein-rich meats (pork, lamb, fish)
  • Try for organic meat or grass-fed if possible
  • Blueberries, apples, strawberries
  • Butter or Ghee
  • Anything rich in Omega 3
  • Heavy cream
  • Eggs

With low-carb or the cutting of carbs out altogether, try a 60% plant-based diet. Where more than half of your dinner plate is filled with vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens.

This can be paired with a salmon coated with lemon and other seasonings. Check for meal planning ideas.  Usually, the best way to start is by having a salad with any protein present.

And try to have your salad either packed full with various nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruit… try to cut down the salad dressing as well.

Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start each day with a protein-rich, fruits, and high-fat involved meals.


What Happens When You Cut Carbs?

What changes will your body go through? Will they be good or bad at first?

We know everyone is different and sometimes when it comes to a new diet, some people will feel miserable and overly hungry for the first week.

If you intend to cut out carbs altogether, expect some fatigue for the first few days.  Secondly, you’ll notice that you might be eating less.

All because you feel full and you’re not overstuffing your digestive tract. No need to worry about feeling hungry all the time, because you’ve met your nutrient ratio for the day. This is why we tend to feel hungry all the time, because, depending on what junk food we eat, it will have no real nutritional value.

No more diabetes! Well if you were close to becoming diabetic or already had been diagnosed, the low-carb or no-carb diet can cut that risk in half.

Some talked about taking diabetic insulin and medication, yet once they started the low-carb/no-carb diet, they were able to stop taking their medication.

Once your body stops producing an overload of insulin to battle the glucose (sugar) levels, your kidneys don’t have to work as hard.

Hello, energy! That’s right, more energy. Leave behind those days we’re feeling sluggish and ill. You will notice that by using alternative carbs such as brown rice/brown rice flour can act as better fuel. With healthier foods, the body is recognizing it can run longer and easier.

There will be no quicker fast food fixes that leave you feeling tired in under two hours’ time. Treat your body to a well-balanced, high-fat meal.


Will Cutting Carbs Reduce Body Fat?


Also, if your stomach had an extra added touch to it, you’ll notice a flatter leaner stomach after a short amount of time.

Even better, we suggest switching to the low-carb diet first and then add some exercises and build up from there. Most will notice a substantial change in muscle mass and tone.

Basically, your muscle will become more prominent, reducing body fat to increase muscle mass. Keep up with your exercise routine, don’t go overboard but, don’t stop altogether.

Exercise is important to keep up muscle mass and to keep your lean physique.

A word of caution: Choose the right carbs to cut out. Your body fat will reduce significantly depending on what carbs you cut out.

Specifically, this is meant for cutting out the high sugar content. We usually see this when someone cuts out soda completely.

First, you’ll notice the excess water gain to lessen by the non-bloated sensation we tend to feel after drinking a sugary drink.

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