Electronic Recycling That Puts Money in Your Pocket

The introduction of new gadgets almost always marks every new season. This time though, before you lose yourself in that latest tablet, phone, or laptop, you must determine what you should do with your old gadgets.

Your gadgets may be entirely written off or still in decent shape, whatever the case, you should not trash your old device. These old devices comprise numerous toxins that are environmentally unfriendly (when dumped in landfills). Better yet, disposing of a broken electronic device is essentially losing money!

Electronic Recycling That Puts Money in Your Pocket
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If you are unsure about what to do with your old devices, there are several options to consider. Ideally, you can either sell these old devices to electronic recycling services for money or give them away (donate) for a genuine good cause. Here are six options you can explore:

1. Trade Your Old ‘Toys’ for Cash

Typically, many retailers provide trade-in programs that offer you cash for your old gadgets. NextWorth program is among the platforms that allow the exchange of old devices like laptops and videos for a unique Target gift card.

Apple, courtesy of their Apple Recycle Program, also offers you a decent offer for your old Apple devices to get an exclusive gift card to use for future Apple device purchases. But so does Amazon: offering to pay for your personal Kindle (among other old gadgets), meaning an extensive range of options are available to you.

It gets even better with GameStop offering you Cash for trade-ins. This encompasses everything from your old consoles to video games to tablets and smartphones. So simply bring out your devices, and you will receive a quote that you can use to buy GameStop products, get Cash, or a gift card.

2. Think about Amazon, eBay, or Amazon if you are selling it yourself

With the help of online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist, your functional electronic devices can fetch a considerable amount of Cash. Although be aware, these sites have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, with Amazon and eBay, you will have to pay a commission. Also, Amazon and eBay may, at some point, become challenging to understand based on their dynamics. Both Amazon and eBay are changing their terms and conditions.

Making a decision on which site to use may be difficult. Therefore, it’s advisable to advertise your electronic devices on each site and get the best deal. On the other hand, Craigslist is significantly localized, and a need for a one-to-one dialogue with potential buyers may arise.

Second-hand electronic devices can also sell at a fair price. For example, that 4-year-old laptop may still hold functional parts. Nevertheless, the value of your old gadgets depends on several factors, including current market prices, overall condition, and longevity. This calls for detailed research and information to avoid being ripped off.

Instead of selling the device via third parties, you could sell them yourself. This ensures you pocket a considerable amount of Cash. But beware of scam buyers.

Note: Always check for closed deals on the website to give you a clue on how much to sell your electronic device.

3. Hassle-free trade-ins at your disposal if you use Gazelle.

Gazelle creates a platform to sell second-hand electronics. At times, selling your electronic devices for the ideal price is not always essential; you may just be having a tidy out.

Some sellers prefer flexibility and, sure, risk-free engagements. For example, Gazelle ensures information concerning the model and make of the electronic devices is available. Moreover, they also offer a price. In their platform, assets pricing below $1 incurs no shipping costs. What’s more, free packaging offers come for selected items.

After you have sent your items, you will be paid once they receive and verify the condition. Items with no monetary value can be recycled after you receive a mail-in label.

4. Donate to a genuine good cause

NGOs, churches, and schools may be beneficiaries of your unwanted electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, and tablets. In a quest to make a difference in society, you can make an electronic device donation to the many organizations online, including:

  • Purple Heart Pickup
  • Computers with Causes
  • The World Computer Exchange
  • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Recycle for Breast Cancer

5. Dispose of your old device safely, but only if it’s too old for resale or broken

The electronics industry suppliers are now becoming avid supporters of environmental conservation, offering recycling services for your old electronics.

Batteries from old devices should be disposed of safely as they can be a fire hazard. I wrote an article on why some MacBooks pros are banned from flights.

Electronic recycling companies like Sell Broke will buy your device even if it is broken. Sell Broke is an excellent site to start with.

In addition, all recycling companies have recycling kiosks that allow for drop-offs for various gadgets like old cables, wires, batteries, and cords. Like Best Buy, these companies come with exclusive Customer service dockets where outlived laptops, Macs, tablets, and phones can be recycled.

Last Word: Back up your files, and then erase everything!

Once you decide to donate or re-sell your old gadgets, you must take time to salvage any essential things like contacts, passwords, music, and photos you want to retain.

After you back up all this data or transfer the info to your new gadget, erase everything from your old ones. Otherwise, you will be opening the door for the new owner to access private and personal details like social media and bank accounts.

Many of us save sensitive information on our phones, computers, and tablets, potentially exposing us if the wrong people find it. Safeguard your dignity and identity by clearing everything on every old device before the handing off.

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