Best Burgers in Boise
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Best Burgers in Boise

The best burgers in Boise, is there anything more satisfying or delicious than a genuinely perfect burger?

When the meat cravings hit, sometimes the only food that will satisfy this craving is a juicy burger.

The burger is by far the most celebrated American sandwich available! Juicy meat, pickles, plain or cheese, or just the good old lettuce!

Whichever way you decide to have it, there is practically nothing more enjoyable than a bite into a tasty, perfect burger.

Even so, to get the best experience, it is recommended to only go to the best burger joints. Which begs the question, exactly where do you go when you want to have a taste of the best burgers and fries in Boise, a grand American tradition?

While there are numerous places across the state where you can find yourself a fine burger outlet, only a few, if any, places can boast the reputation of Boise, Idaho. This town is the place to be if you are a proclaimed foodie or just a big burger lover.

Nonetheless, since there are numerous outlets here, we have singled out the best burgers in Boise Idaho. From gourmet burgers to smashed diner patties, here are the top best burgers in Boise.

Be sure to check them out.




Address: 1929 W. State Street, Boise, ID 83702 and 1113 Park Center Blvd, Boise, ID 83706

Contact: State Street: 209-342-2957. Park Center: 208-424-0000

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Best Burgers Boise West Side Drive In
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Image from West Side Drive-In

Featured on the exclusive Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives by the famous Guy Fieri, this spot is a top-quality filling station for your meat cravings and hunger.

The Westside is the place to be for a good old scrumptious burger while in Boise. Besides just being among the best burger spots, it is also a Boise tradition; if not an icon!

This joint takes you back to the poodle skirts, sock hops, and greased black hair era. It’s simply Grease in unique Boise burger form.

After buying the spot in 1994, Chef Lou has done an outstanding job to maintain the joint as was since 1957 and effectively contributes to the remarkable burger culture with an impressive variety of burgers as well as steaks and the famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato.

Get ready to experience a unique taste in the Guacamole, Teriyaki, or Cajun burgers or wrap your hands around their distinct Two Fister burgers; and then finish off your meal with the delicious and exclusive Ice Cream Potato.




Address: 199 N. 8th Street, Downtown, Boise

Contact: 208-287-1700

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Boise Fork
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Image from Boise Fork

Virtually everything about The Fork screams style, including its setting and location (in the old bank building).

The Fork is widely regarded as high-end casual dining although the burgers boast down-home goodness about them which has you feeling comfortable and classy.

Its owners Amanda and Cameron Lumsden base their operations on a ‘Loyal to Local’ pledge meaning that they source a lot of their main ingredients from the regional and local farmers, bakers, ranchers, cheesemakers, and producers.

What this means is that your fresh Urban Burger is guaranteed to drip with Ballard Family Cheese atop a soft, fresh bun right from Gaston’s and a Wagyu-chuck blend. Alternatively, you can decide to have this delicious baby piled high with applewood, maple-spiced smoked bacon also.




Address: 246 N 8th Street, Boise, ID 83702

Contact: 208-429-6340

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Boise Bittercreek Alehouse
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Image from Bittercreek Alehouse

At BitterCreek Ale House, it is not just about the patty; it is also about how uniquely the chefs ultimately dress up the burgers!

The patties, distinctly ground in the house, are typically made from brisket and Desert Mountain chuck. It merges the lusciousness of traditional chuck with the relatively meaty brisket ultimately affording your burger with a remarkably hearty savor.

For the dressings, it doesn’t get any better than the exclusive Huntsman Gloucester Cheddar, Stilton Bleu Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, a pickle for a somewhat sour savor, in addition to the traditional onion, lettuce, and tomato.

You might find yourself falling for the Burrata Burger, ideally elevated to new heights with Pomodoro, basil, pesto, not forgetting a spicy bite of arugula.

Just ensure to get a taste of the curds, a remarkable heaping beer-battered cheddar dish fried to excellence! (Make sure to inquire about the buffalo style-you are sure to be amazed).




Address: 1289 South Protest Road, Boise, ID 83706

Contact: 208-343-4439

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Boise Big Juds
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Image from Trip Advisor

If you are yet to visit Big Jud’s, then you have not really explored and experience Boise. This joint is an undoubted Boise staple!

Be sure to bring your appetite as the burgers don’t get any bigger than here at Big Jud’s. In fact, as one review clearly outlines, not only is this the spot for massive burgers but is also the place to be for tasty and similarly huge fries too.

Essentially, virtually everything here is big, and any foodie will love it; although it also offers a few reasonably-sized and delightful burgers.

Besides this, Big Jud’s is also globally renowned for the popular Big Jud’s Challenge, an exclusive burger challenge event.

In fact, such is its popularity, that it was featured on Man vs. Food. Here, the challenge is to finish up two (1 pound) patties packed with mushrooms, bacon, bleu cheese, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

Regardless, the burgers here are to die for. Fantastic beef, and not many extras to pick from, as such, you have an idea of what to expect once you are here, meaning that they feature a pretty basic menu, satisfaction guaranteed though!

Their special is adequately packed with meat (a pound in fact), and if you have an insatiable appetite, you can opt for the Double Special comprising two pounds worth of hamburger meat!




Address: 7000 W.Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704 and 815 S Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705

Contact: 208-373-0020 and 208-331-1580

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Bad Boy Burgers Boise
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Image from Bad Boy Burgers

Just as the name suggests, Bad Boy Burger lives up to its name as the bad boys here are so luscious and juicy, it won’t be surprising if you end up needing some extra napkins.

This fantastic joint ranks are high among the top spots offering the best burgers in Boise, particularly when you really need to roll up to the drive-thru.

Although it is a drive-thru, don’t sit back and expect that you will get a plain old burger. Bad Boy Burger is ideally packed to serve your unique burger cravings.

At Bad Boy Burger, you can effectively get something to soothe your taste and savor, whether it is biting deep into a pop of jalapenos along with ooey-gooey cheddar cheese or piling pastrami atop your delicious beefy patty.

What’s more, this joint has among the best available fry sauce. Tie this up with an enviously thick, mouth-watering milkshake for an even better and unforgettable experience.

Truth be told, if you immerse your palates in all this for a lunch meal, you might just have to skip your dinner.

Also, verifiable rumors’ have it that this is precisely the place to be if you prefer onion rings as opposed to fries.

Besides their remarkably juicy burgers, Bad Boy Burger is a relatively low-key Boise burger spot. In fact, they are so modest that they don’t even own a website.

Nonetheless, they offer fantastic beef, juicy bacon, not to mention their bun that ideally meshes so enviously with the burger; it is impossible to suppress your cravings.

Bad Boy Burger is undeniably the nitty-gritty and incredibly stunning Boise burger joint you are looking for, and their menu has just everything you would otherwise expect from such a joint.

This is undeniably among the top joints you ought to visit if you are looking to have the best burgers in Boise. The spot is not fancy, but fairly messy. It is also not expensive but rather cheap.





Address: 3083 South Bown Way, Boise, ID 83706 and 204 North Capitol Boulevard, Boise, ID 83703 and 6944 West State Street, Boise, ID 83714

Contact: 208-965-1551, 208-949-7523, 208-391-1573

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Boise Fry Company
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Image from Trip Advisor

If you are looking for the best burgers in Boise Idaho, then Boise Fry Company is where you should be beheaded.

Arguably the most famed burger joint in Boise, Boise Fry keeps its customers going back mainly because of its unique flavor.

Whether you choose their beef or bison burgers, both are hand-seasoned with the joint’s secret recipe!

Each of their ingredients is natural and fresh, originating from grass-fed cows. In fact, even their whole wheat organic buns are surprisingly baked fresh on a daily basis.

Technically, Boise Fry Company serves two main things, fries, and burgers, of course; although, in reality, their menu is quite packed. Essentially, you need to pick from seven potato assortments not to mention six different fry preparations prior to even getting to choosing your burger!

After doing so, you are spoilt for choice between vegan and bison with multiple topping choices. Be sure to check out the classic with a bacon cheeseburger, or subsequently mix it up with spicy ketchup and blueberry salsa it is a burst of flavor on your taste buds!

What’s more, besides the many fries and burger options. You also get a wide array of sauces and salts to choose from.

In essence, this is no spot for the indecisive!



Burgers are basically American an undisputed American staple. These burgers’ are as American as Chuck Norris or the bald eagle, and Boise is the place to be if you are looking to identify with this culture and have the best possible burger experience.

A number of these distinct establishments focus specifically on fries (burger’s best friend) while others dole out dry-aged rib eye American burgers. Furthermore, Boise also hosts one of the most exciting and relatively off-putting burger challenges across America; and as such, it is incontestably the place to be if you are a foodie and burger lover.

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