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9 Tips for Losing Weight – That You can Start Today

Losing weight is not easy nor is it hard as people try to make it sound. If done right, losing weight can be such an easy process. It is even possible to lose 5 pounds in a week or even more depending on your metabolism and other factors like physical activities and body composition.

However, the backbone of weight the calories you take in and the calories out. If you eat fewer calories and burn more, you are going to lose weight. This is why a low-carb diet is always advocated for anyone trying to lose weight. You cannot be able to entirely avoid the calories but you can lower your intake.

Avoid the sugary things that contain lots of calories and swap the drinks with water or coffee (without sugar of course). Be taking whole grains and avoid the refined ones. You should also avoid culprits like crackers, chips, and cookies. You should be very mindful of the foods that you take every day. Having said that, I have prepared some tips to help you lose weight even faster.


9 Tips for Losing Weight
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1. Eat More Vegetables

Including more vegetables in your diet is a must for a person who wants to lose weight. Make at least 50 percent of your food vegetables. Vegetables are fully packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber. The fiber makes you feel full for a longer time and you will not need to buy some sugary snacks before the lunch hour just because you are hungry. And in addition to making you feel full for a longer time, fiber also improves your digestion and metabolism which leads to the burning of more fats.


2. Have a Better Breakfast

A lot of people out there don’t take the breakfast meal with the seriousness it deserves. Some people just wake up late grab a cup of coffee and some snacks and calls that a breakfast. That should not be the case. Breakfast is like the most important meal of the day and you need to take a heartfelt meal that will leave you satisfied for a longer time. Aim to eat less than 500 calories for your breakfast and make sure to add some lean proteins like Greek yogurt or eggs and vegetables should not miss as a source of fiber.


3. Limit the Amount of Salt

Salt is very necessary for our meals. I can’t even start to imagine what food would taste like if salt did not exist. But since salt is a preservative, it is rich in sodium which is not a good thing. Sodium is going to counteract your efforts and your weight loss campaign may take longer than you intended. So when you are buying salt and snacks, make sure that the level of sodium is very low. Less than 1.5 grams is recommended.


4. Enjoy More Coffee

Well, most people who enjoy coffee usually add some sugar to make it sweeter. However, if you are planning on losing weight, you should say goodbye to sweetened coffee. Sugar contains lots of calories and it will only counteract your efforts. But if you take unsweetened coffee, you will be heading in the right direction. The caffeine contained in coffee is a natural source of antioxidants that helps you lose weight and protects your cells from damage.

If you are not much of a coffee drinker, you will be happy to hear that tea is an even better option. Green tea is the best and according to a recent study, a placebo that is contained in tea can help you burn up to 70 calories a day.


Enjoy More Coffee
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5. Drink More Water

The recommended amount of water that you should be drinking every day is 8 glasses. However, most of us don’t even take half of that. Failing to take enough water will affect your efforts negatively. Water is necessary for metabolism and when you drink enough water, your metabolism will improve. And when the metabolism improves, more fats will be burned. Purpose to drink 8 glasses of water and you can add some lemon to make things interesting.


6. Eat Spicy Foods

That’s a good thing for most of us who love spicy food. Spices contain a compound that is known as capsaicin. The compound is mostly found in pepper and it has been proved to increase the rate at which your body releases stress hormones which can, in turn, increase the ability to burn calories. Turmeric and ginger are also an excellent source of this compound and they will help you lose weight faster.


7. Get Enough Sleep

The recommended amount of sleep recommended for an adult is at least 7 hours but most of us don’t even get 5 because of busy schedules. This should not be the case though, there are lots of research that show getting less than 7 hours of sleep slows down your metabolism. And when the metabolism is slowed down, it means that you will not be able to burn calories at the desired rate. Plus sleep has more benefits like it can help lower stress levels and when you sleep the body gets to rebuild among other benefits.


Get Enough Sleep
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8. Keep a Food Journal

Well, this is the perfect way of tracking the amounts if you take every day. To lose one pound in a week, it is recommended that you should lower your daily calorie intake by 500. If you keep a food journal you will be able to track your proceedings and this can play a role in ensuring that you don’t mess up. Some studies show that those who keep a food journal lose weight faster than those who don’t.


9. Keep Moving

To accelerate the speed, you will need to incorporate the above tips with some exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym daily for you to exercise. You can exercise literally from anywhere. Just make sure that you engage in some type of exercise daily.

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